Tree and Shrub Care


Keep your plants healthy year after year with expert tree and shrub care.

LawnMatters’ quality service extends beyond your turf. When your trees and shrubs are in peak health and growing vibrantly, they’re often strong enough to fight off many infectious diseases or insect attacks without suffering serious or permanent damage. Our tree and shrub services are custom designed to keep your unique ornamental and evergreen trees and shrubs in top condition.

Insect Damage & Disease Prevention for Trees and Shrubs

LawnMatters provides a complete insect control program for trees and shrubs that combats a variety of invasive pests, including Japanese beetles, aphids and mites. We can also prevent diseases like scale, apple scab, tar spot and more.

Dormant Oil Treatments

Do not let insects ruin your beautiful landscape. Dormant oil is applied to plants in late winter or early spring to help control overwintering insects and their eggs. We provide the most effective treatment to eliminate problems before any damage occurs.

Dormant oil treatments protect against the following:

  • Helps avoid serious insect damage to your trees and shrubs

Dormant oil applied in early spring prevents eggs from hibernating insects from hatching.

Deep Root Feeding

With proper deep root fertilization, you can improve the color and flowering of your trees as well as increase their resistance to diseases and insect attacks. Deep Root Injection and Surface Drench Feeding are two highly effective ways LawnMatters can help get nutrients to your trees where it matters most, the roots. Read more about the benefits of deep root feeding on our blog.

  • Deep root feeding in the spring helps your trees stay healthy
    all year long.
  • Help your trees store the proper nutrients to stay healthy throughout the winter months by scheduling deep root feeding services in the fall.Wilt Proof Applications

Wilt Proof Applications

For healthier blooms and greener leaves in the spring, protect your plants from damage during the winter season with wilt proof applications from LawnMatters. Get more tips on How to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs in Winter.

Protect your plants from winter damage by scheduling a wilt proof application in the fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve the look of my shrubs?

Improve the look of your shrubs with fertilization, ensuring they receive the right amount of water, and regular pruning.

Should I fertilize my shrubs?

Yes, you should fertilize your shrubs. This will continue to promote good growth and sustained color.

How can you get rid of tree diseases?

Common tree diseases can usually be treated with a regular fungicide sprays.

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