Your Lawn Aeration & Seeding Services Matter

Routine yard maintenance and proper lawn management are not the only vital ways to sustain a beautiful and luscious Cleveland area yard. Things like aeration and seeding make all the difference in the results you achieve. LawnMatters knows how crucial it is to maintain the soil and the grass to create long-lasting beauty and appealing landscapes. We serve Lorain, Cuyahoga, Medina, Lake, Summit, Geauga, Stark, Ashtabula, and other surrounding counties with quality lawn services and landscape management.

Why Does Aeration Matter?

Thatch is the appearance of brown and gray buildup on your lawn from dead roots, stems, and grass leaves. As they continue to spread, they affect the appearance of your yard. Thatch is caused by the dense, compact soil in the ground that does not allow the roots to sustain themselves. It leaves less room for water to flow and decreases absorption. Help keep your lawn healthy and productive for long-term beauty. Aeration will break up the soil so the roots can better absorb water, grow, and produce luscious lawns.

Custom Lawn Core Aeration Plans Based On Your Needs

LawnMatters will inspect your yard and work with you to develop an effective aeration service to improve your lawn’s look and appeal.

An established, customized aeration schedule will do the following:

  • Promote successful root development
  • Eliminate thatches throughout the yard
  • Maintain a greener lawn
  • Reduce traffic wear and tear and increase overall durability

We want you to have the best looking landscape in your neighborhood.

a proper lawn core aeration service helps your yard look its best

Custom Lawn Seeding Services

Every yard is different and requires different levels of treatment and care. LawnMatters customizes the lawn seeding services you receive based on your particular needs. We inspect your yard and discuss your goals with you to determine the right plan of action. For thicker landscapes, more seeding may be required depending on your yard’s existing health and any other lawn care services you choose.

Custom Grass Mixes

Some areas require shady grass mixes to handle the reduction in sunlight exposure, while others flourish in the sun. It is never a “one size fits all” situation. We personalize the service to your lawn’s needs to achieve the best results.

Our custom lawn seeding services will do the following for your home:

  • Thicken your yard as needed
  • Maintain a better appearance
  • Strengthen endurance in play areas and other high traffic zones
  • Replace brown areas (in conjunction with effective lawn treatments)
  • Replace old grass types with a new type to create a different look
  • Improve the overall beauty of your home’s landscape

Lawn aeration and seeding are essential services to include in your lawn care plan of action, especially since they enhance grass health, promote growth, bring out the color you desire, and ensure more traffic endurance.

Picking the right company matters too.

Contact our seasoned professionals to learn more and get you the results you deserve.