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Grubs are small, soft-bodied insects with six legs. They live in soil to feed on decaying organic matter and are often mistaken for worms because they move slowly through the ground. Yards that have dead, brown sections and bare spots are usually suffering from a lawn fungus or grubs. If left untreated, the problem may continue to spread and cause severe or permanent damage.

Grub Treatment Services for Your Lawn

If left untreated, grubs will destroy beautiful lawns in days by eating away at the root system, leaving you with bare spots, brown areas, and less dense sections. Our grub control treatments can be used to prevent grubs from ever causing damage or eliminate any existing grubs from your lawn.

Prevent grubs from feeding on your lawn’s root system with a preventative grub application.
You will typically notice signs of a grub problem in late summer, it’s best to consult with a lawn care professional who can implement a curative treatment strategy as soon as you notice a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent grubs in my lawn?

There are a couple of ways to prevent grubs from infesting your lawn. First, remove weeds and debris from your lawn regularly. Second, use an insecticide spray to help prevent grubs from breeding.

What should I expect after a grub control treatment?

You should expect to see results within 24 hours after your grub treatment service. If you continue to notice any signs of grubs after treatment, contact us.

When should I start grub control for my lawn?

It’s best to apply a preventative grub control treatment in the summer before grubs do damage. In the local area, we recommend an application before August 15th.

When are grubs active in lawns?

You will typically notice signs of grubs in late summer. Your grass might feel spongy and pull up easily and you may have patches of brown or yellow throughout your yard. You may also notice wildlife, such as birds and raccoons, digging up your yard to get to the grubs in the soil.

Will grubs kill my plants?

Grubs eat the roots of grass and plants, which can cause them to die.

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