How to Protect Trees and Shrubs in Winter


Winter in Ohio… One day it will be 40 degrees and sunny, and the next day it’ll be 15 degrees and you find yourself in the midst of a snowstorm. You just never know what the Northeast Ohio winter will bring. Author R. Allen Woods put it best when he said, “if you don’t like the weather in Ohio, just wait 15 minutes!”

One thing we know for sure is that with Ohio winters come a plethora of threats to our trees and shrubs. Heavy snow, pests and critters, cold winds, the sun, and everything in between. Knowing how to best protect your trees and shrubs through the winter season is imperative, as it ultimately leads to a beautiful (and thriving) landscape come spring.

Spray your trees and shrubs with an anti-transpirant to prevent moisture loss.

Another threat your trees and shrubs are facing this winter are the freezing cold winds. Being as close to Lake Erie as we are, these winds are very common. They can suck the moisture from exposed trees and shrubs, which can result in wind burn, drought, and ultimately winter kill.

The best way to combat these issues is to wilt proof your trees and shrubs with an anti-transpirant. Wilt proofing adds a protective coating to the branches and stems, which ensures the moisture does not escape during high-stress times.

Wrap your trees with tree wrap to prevent permanent visible damage

Tree wrap protects the bark from damage caused by critters (rabbits and deer), insects, and the wind. The sun can also be a threat to your trees and shrubs this winter. The main disease caused by the sun is called sunscald. This is where the bark of the tree freezes, and then is rapidly warmed up by the sun, which results in permanent visible damage.


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