Benefits of Aerating and Overseeding Your Lawn


Caring for your lawn can feel like a full-time job. Your grass and beds need water, fertilizer, and access to nutrient-enriched soil for vibrant, hardy growth. And then, there’s all the mowing. Keeping your grass at the right length throughout the summer helps it fight off pests and drought conditions, so it thrives all season long. While all of these tasks play a key role in any well-maintained property, there’s still one crucial treatment to consider to ensure your lawn looks it’s very best at all times: core aeration and seeding.

Core aeration systemically removes small plugs or “cores” from the soil to help redistribute essential nutrients, air, and moisture to root systems throughout the property. Overseeding at the time of core aeration ensures new grass seed is accessing the nutrient rich soil. Including this critical lawn care application to your home or business, yields a multitude of benefits that make it a must for property owners.

Core aeration and overseeding’s many advantages include:

1. Minimizing soil compaction and thatch

We tend to live our lives outdoors throughout the warmer seasonal months. However, there’s a price to pay for the excessive foot (and tire and paw) traffic our lawn endures when the temperatures start to rise. Over time, the ground begins to condense, causing excessive soil compaction and even thatch. Core aeration breaks up the soil, letting your lawn breathe. This new circulation of fresh air eliminates compaction for a healthier, stronger yard.

2. Increasing fertilizer impact

Proper fertilization is important; however, without consistent core aeration, the nutrients found in your fertilizer may never actually get to the soil and root systems. Removing plugs across the lawn increases the likelihood of your fertilizer reaching where it’s needed most for optimal overall impact. Best of all, efficient fertilizer distribution often means you may need less of the product during future treatments.

3. Preventing lawn disease

Thatch forces water and moisture to pool at the surface of your lawn. Eventually, the wet top layer of your property may start to die and rot, creating a perfect storm for a wide range of fungal conditions. Aeration eliminates thatch buildup, allowing water to soak into the soil rather than collect at the surface. Reducing excessive water decreases the chance of fungus, effectively helping your property fight off lawn disease. Bonus: Proper drainage also helps prevent damage caused by flooding and water runoff. Core aeration ensures that moisture flows right down to the roots where it can have the most significant impact on your grass and gardens.

4. Creating a thicker, heathier lawn

Adding grass seed to your existing lawn – overseeding – helps reduce the appearance of damage caused by foot traffic, lawn diseases, drought and insects. Overseeding at the time of core aeration ensures the new grass seeds are making good contact with the nutrient rich soil, allowing for optimal growing conditions. In addition to having a fuller, healthier lawn because of overseeding, as the grass thickens, it makes it harder for weeds to grow.

5. Getting your grass winter ready

It’s no secret that winter is tough. A professional core aeration application ignites rigorous root growth and strength, getting your entire lawn winter ready before the first flakes begin to fall.


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