Tree and Shrub Care: Fertilizer and Insect Control


Trees and shrubs enhance your landscape and add beauty to your home. With proper fertilization and insect control, you can ensure your plants flourish during the growing season and continue to thrive year after year, helping to protect the investment you’ve made into your home’s curb appeal.


How to maintain healthy trees and shrubs in Northeast Ohio:


1. Ensure plants get the proper nutrients with fertilizer

Give your trees and shrubs the right amount of nutrients to support new and healthy growth with fertilizer. Fertilizer supplements the nutrients that soil alone can’t provide and helps your plants look greener and produce more flowers. Be sure to use the right amount of fertilizer for each type of plant and their location in your yard.

What is deep root fertilization?

Large trees are a valuable investment to your property. It’s important that they get the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. There are two effective ways to fertilize large trees: Deep Root Injection and Surface Drench Feeding. Both methods are highly effective and deliver fertilizer to where trees need it most, the roots.  Learn more about the benefits of deep root feeding.


2. Prevent and control insects and diseases

Preventative and curative tree and shrub sprays treat many types of insects and diseases. When properly used, these sprays ensure that your trees and shrubs don’t suffer any irreparable damages caused by invasive pests, like Japanese beetles and aphids, and common diseases, like apple scab.


3.Protect your plants from mites with dormant oil

Dormant oil is designed to control mites that hibernate in the branches, trunks, and buds of trees and shrubs that lose their leaves during the winter months. When dormant oil is applied in early spring, it prevents the eggs from formerly hibernating insects from hatching.


4. Protect plants from winter weather with an anti-transpirant

Freezing cold winds can suck the moisture from exposed trees and shrubs, which can result in wind burn, drought, and winter kill. Using an anti-transpirant, or wilt proofing, adds a protective coating to the branches and stems of your trees and shrubs, which promotes healthier blooms and greener leaves in the spring. Learn more about how to protect your trees and shrubs in winter.


At LawnMatters, we understand the value your trees and shrubs bring to your landscape. Our professionals are readily equipped with the knowledge to properly fertilize and protect your trees and shrubs from insects and diseases.

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