Tips to Improve Your Lawn


Tips to Improve Your Lawn

The time to start thinking about taking the right steps to improve your lawn isn’t in the middle of the summer, or once you notice trouble spots. Instead, be proactive and take care of your lawn in the early spring. You’ll see the benefits of this move all the way into the fall when the grass is healthy, green, and full.

LawnMatters has the expertise to help you get a strong start in the early spring when many problems are easiest to manage. Just imagine playing, relaxing, and enjoying your immaculate lawn the entire summer.

Start fertilizer in early spring

After the harshness of winter, your lawn needs extra nutritional support. Nutrients in the soil become depleted and need to be replenished Without the right nutrients like potassium and nitrogen, your lawn will suffer. Struggling lawns are more susceptible to disease, insect infestations, and weeds.

Healthy lawns need less watering and endure the heat of the summer better. Don’t wait for your lawn to shows signs that it needs fertilizer. Keep it looking great by getting the right fertilizer in the soil early in the spring.

Start weed control in early spring

Weeds start growing in the early spring, so don’t wait until you have a full-scale explosion of them in your lawn. Weeds use the water your grass needs. They can crowd out your grass, making it look patchy. As weeds grow, they block sunlight and steal nutrients in the soil, harming the health of your lawn further.

Weeds spread quickly, meaning they can take over a yard in a matter of weeks. Too often, people apply weed control methods in the late spring or early summer, after the weeds have become a problem. In northeast Ohio, weeds like crabgrass, dandelions, clover, etc. germinate early, springing to life as soon as the weather starts to warm. This means your lawn is already suffering in the early spring. Give the grass a much-needed boost by using LawnMatters’ professional weed control & weed preventative service. We’ll eliminate weeds in your lawn, which in turn means you’ll be dealing with fewer problems in the summer and fall.

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