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Top Parma, OH Green Spaces

Parma is a city located in Cuyahoga County that is full of adventure and life, offering many outdoor locations for athletics, exercise, swimming, and relaxation. The James Day Park (Nike Site Park) that is located on W. Pleasant Valley Road has a softball complex with a concession, eight soccer fields, a basketball court, and a swimming pool. Aside from athletic facilities, the park boasts beautiful hiking and jogging trails through the terrain of grass and forest trees. You can also relax in the picnic area while the kids have fun at the playground. Why not check it out and enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape and natural scenery it beholds.

At Veterans Memorial Park (State Road Park) on State Road, you’ll find a well-maintained landscape of grass, fields, playgrounds, and forest trees. Take a walk through the wooded trails spanning over one mile and enjoy the spectacular life around the area, including the beautiful trees and fields within. There is a veteran memorial to check out as well, which is where the name came from.

Why Not Make Your Yard a Maintained Beauty to View Too?

You may not have acres and acres of grassy fields or numerous athletic facilities, but you indeed do have a yard full of beautiful scenery and outdoor fun capabilities. Your home can only look as good as the outdoor areas that surround it. LawnMatters has served valued customers in Parma for over 40 years, delivering professional lawn care extensive insect and bug treatments to protect the yard, trees, shrubs, and more for healthier and more appealing properties.

Our lawn care services will help you:

  • Revive plants and eliminate weeds around the sidewalks, home’s perimeter, buildings, fences, and even the grass
  • Maintain a healthy looking yard with thick, green lawns that form a uniform appearance across the landscape.
  • Add design to your shrubs and bushes to enhance your property and keep them healthy through root treatments and bug control
  • Eliminate mosquitoes that intrude on your family gatherings and child playtimes.

Lawn Matters Parma, OH Zip Code Coverage Area: 44129, 44130, 44134

Preventive Lawn and Tree Services Help Keep Your Outdoor Haven Healthy Throughout the Year

Fall and winter seasons take a toll on vegetation in general, especially in areas near Lake Erie that are under constant, cold temperatures. Lawns need special treatments to keep them healthy enough to survive the frigid winter season. Trees and shrubs combat the same problems. Our lawn care services provide the right kind of treatments for the right products.

  • Eliminate snow burn, dead spots, and struggling leaves when spring arrives
  • Ensure that your soil is balanced correctly for maximum root strength to survive the colder seasons
  • Allow trees and shrubs to develop amazing blooms and leaves during spring
  • Protect against dead tree branches, trunks, and leaves that insects can leave behind
  • Stop weeds before they get the chance to flourish and spread throughout your entire yard

Don’t let your yard take control. Let us help you maintain its beauty all season and all year. We’ll go over all options with you and explain what we find that needs the most attention. We can set a schedule for lawn work or insect control services anytime you need for your Parma home.

Picking the right company matters too.

Contact our seasoned professionals to learn more and get you the results you deserve.