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Top Mentor, OH Green Spaces

Mentor is a quaint and cozy city in Lake County that was first settled in 1797. There are plenty of outdoor things to do and places to enjoy, featuring historic properties, museums, and parks.

Tour the inside and outside splendor of the James A. Garfield National Historic Site on Mentor Avenue. With acres of beautiful, lush lawns and huge trees, the property is a pleasure to walk through. The park features the home of the 20th president of the United States, James A Garfield. See for yourself how the massive acres of yard and trees compliment the beauty of the home, including the historical front porch where President Garfield produced several of his campaigns.

You too can mesh the beauty of your home with the splendor of a well-maintained yard. LawnMatters serves Mentor with dependable lawn care, tree and shrub maintenance, insect and bug control, and yard mosquito control.

You Can Also Make Your Backyard a Beautiful Outdoor Haven Too

Your yard has many capabilities, so why not be creative and have your own little outdoor park or a place to relax in the sun?

LawnMatters can help you:

  • Maintain plants and mulch, and eliminate weeds around the swimming pool.
  • Keep the lawn healthy, thick, and green for outdoor activities like baseball, cornhole games, BBQ parties, family gatherings, and more.
  • Control those unsightly weeds that crop up around sidewalks, patios, flower beds, and fences.
  • Revive the health of your shrubs and trees around the property.
  • Fight mosquitos and other bugs and insects that bother your guests and affect your plants and trees.

No matter what vegetation you need to revive and maintain at your home, LawnMatters can help with quality lawn care, yard mosquito control, tree trimming and bug control, and lots more.

We take pride in the results we deliver to all our valued customers, which is why they usually let their family and friends know about us. We are always glad to help someone new and are always thankful for your support too. With over 40 years of lawn care and insect control experience, you are getting a reliable, friendly lawn care specialist that ensures your satisfaction on every visit.

Lawn Matters Mentor, OH Zip Code Coverage Area: 44060, 44061

Keep Your Grass Healthy & Lush

Your home is only as good as the yard it possesses, which requires quality care from a professional with years of experience and the drive to deliver the best results. Our team has over 40 years in the business and knows the best options for your yard based on its condition, location, and usage.

Our lawn care services include:

  • Dependable lawn care and maintenance: Weed control, thatch removal, dead spot repairs, soil insect control, soil aeration, and much more
  • Quality tree and shrub care: Pruning, cutting, trimming, vitamin infusions, insect and bug control, and soil enhancements
  • Complete yard mosquito control: Inspection, treatment, elimination of breeding grounds, and more for all season protection

Our company will bring back your yard’s life by removing thatches, weeds, white rings, gray halos, thinned out grass zones, and more. We’ll also eliminate mosquitoes, beetles, grubs, and other insects that destroy your beautiful azaleas, maple trees, dogwood trees, spirea bushes, boxwood shrubs, and more.

Eliminate these lawn and yard issues before they become significant problems:

  • Brown grass that destroys a beautiful yard
  • Thin patches that affect the lawn’s appearance
  • Thatches in the yard that destroy that uniform look
  • Weeds is the grass, around fixtures, against the home, and more
  • Lawn fungus that affects stem health and beauty
  • Snow mold that creates unsightly white rings and patches in the lawn
  • Powdery mildew that affects plant health and appearance
  • High soil acidity that affects proper growth and health of your lawn and plants
  • Insect damage to plants of all kinds
  • Mosquito invasions that keep everyone indoors
  • And a lot more!

At LawnMatters, we take pride in delivering the best lawn and tree care we can. That is why many of our valued customers support our services by referring us to family and friends. See for yourself why we are the leading lawn care and insect control specialist in the Mentor, OH area.

Picking the right company matters too.

Contact our seasoned professionals to learn more and get you the results you deserve.