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Top Lakewood, OH Green Spaces

The wonderful town of Lakewood, OH definitely has its fair share of outdoor beauty and fun activities to boot, while also including magnificent waterfront scenery along Lake Erie. If you don’t explore the beaches and the bowling alleys in the area, there are always beautiful parks full of trees, grass, and wildflowers that also have plenty to keep you busy.

Lakewood Park, just off Belle Ave and Lake Avenue, features over 31 acres of land. Besides the gorgeous landscape that it provides to the area, it also features four tennis courts, two softball fields, an outdoor swimming pool, a skate park, a museum, and a bandshell for children’s movies during the summer season. You can walk around and enjoy the scenic landscape or grab hold of a relaxing day under the sun. Madison Park on Madison Avenue hosts a handful of outdoor activities too. Walk around and enjoy the magnificent landscape or hang out for a picnic. The playground gives children time to explore while getting some exercise, and the massive amount of trees and grass create a cozy atmosphere to relax.

You Too Can Have Your Own Outdoor Landscape

Your yard may not be a huge as Lakewood’s beautiful parks or have a view of the lake, but it can have a beautiful lawn with beautiful trees and shrubs. LawnMatters has been serving Lakewood customers for over 40 years with quality lawn, tree, shrub, and insect control services.

We can help your yard look its best with dependable services that include:

Our company will eliminate bare spots, thinned out grass areas, thatches, weeds, poor plant nutrition, weak root structures, mosquitoes, beetles, grubs, and more. Make your yard is comfortable to enjoy and let us keep it that way for the entire season.

Lawn Matters Lakewood, OH Zip Code Coverage Area: 44107, 44116

Dependable, Reliable Lawn Care Services

LawnMatters also offers preventive services to get your yard ready for the colder seasons and to ensure that it stays healthy all year round. We help your yard survive the frigid temperatures and maintain a stronger root system for better growth and strength. Your trees, shrubs, and grass need proper care and maintenance to look their best. LawnMatters ensures that it happens.

Our lawn and insect services can help:

  • Maintain plant health and tree fullness through insect control and vitamin injections
  • Create a thick, green, and durable lawn through aeration, grass planting
  • Eliminate weeds in the yard and around objects
  • Eliminate mosquitoes and their breeding grounds
  • Maintain tree and shrub appearance with proper pruning and root care
  • Eliminate thatches and bare spots in the yard
  • And so much more

Picking the right company matters too.

Contact our seasoned professionals to learn more and get you the results you deserve.