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Top Cleveland, OH Green Spaces

Cleveland, OH is a big city full of fun activities, great outdoor adventures, and beautiful parks. The Cleveland Metroparks division offers over 23,000 acres of outdoor fun. Walk through over 100 hiking trails, 8 parks along the lakefront, and 18 local area reservations that you can tour and enjoy.

The Cleveland Zoo offers lots of landscape pleasure, full of exotic animals, creatures, and natural beauty. Take a walk along Free Flight Falls, positioned along the big creek and go under the Fulton Road Bridge. Eat lunch at one of the picnic areas next to the creek. Stroll down the super long deck walk that passes through the woods as you walk along with the steep hill and enjoy the natural beauty of trees, plants, and wild animals. Explore the open terrain of the Big Creek Reservation, full of grassy fields, many beautiful trees, and 175 acres of natural wetlands. Enjoy the natural beauty that it provides by bike, walking, or even by wheelchair. This quiet, peaceful environment is a great way to escape and relax from the worries of your world.

Why Not Make Your Backyard a Peaceful, Fun, & Nice Escape from Life?

While you don’t have exotic wild animals, a downhill forest deck walk, or 175 acres of wetlands; you surely have a place to enjoy and relax with what nature has to offer. LawnMatters provides dependable tree and shrub care, high-class lawn care, and bug and insect control to make your yard comfortable, relaxing, and a pleasure to view. So when you’re not out exploring nature, you can sit back and enjoy yours!

LawnMatters offers:

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Dependable Lawn Care with Disease & Insect Control

Your backyard is indeed your oasis and a place to enjoy. LawnMatters handles a wide variety of yard services to keep it looking great for the entire season and the whole year. With over 40 years of lawn and insect experience, our team delivers the results you need and the service you demand.

Eliminate these problems before they get worse:

  • Brown, dead patches of grass
  • Lawn fungus
  • Thin patches of grass
  • Thatches
  • Weeds
  • Insect damage to lawns, trees, and shrubs
  • Powdery mildew
  • White rings in the yard
  • Tan or gray halos in the grass
  • Snow mold
  • High levels of soil acidity
  • And many other common yard problems

Picking the right company matters too.

Contact our seasoned professionals to learn more and get you the results you deserve.