How to Prevent Weeds from Growing in Your Lawn



Spring is an exciting time – the grass is growing, flowers are blooming, but unfortunately, those pesky weeds are starting to sprout around your home. Weeds steal essential nutrients from your grass and plants, so when they start sprouting, you have to be ready. Knowing how to prevent early spring weeds is important to the overall health and appearance of your lawn and landscape.

Here are tips for weed control, and what you need to know about how to eliminate weeds from your yard:

1. Use pre-emergent herbicide before weeds begin sprouting

The first step in dealing with early spring weeds is actually a preventative measure: a pre-emergent herbicide application. Pre-emergent herbicides don’t entirely stop weed germination (the spread of weeds), but do an effective job in controlling it. An early spring pre-emergent application along with broad leaf weed control and fertilizer, will put a stop to those common summer weeds like crabgrass, thistle, dandelion, and chickweed.

2. If weeds have started sprouting throughout your lawn, use a post-emergent herbicide

If weeds have already sprouted, use a post-emergent herbicide. This herbicide should be sprayed directly on the target weed, as this will systematically attack the weeds root system resulting in complete elimination.

There are two different types of post-emergent herbicides, each proving their own benefits:

1. Systematic herbicides – Most effective at controlling perennial weeds. The product will be absorbed into the weeds, destroying both the visible and invisible portions of the target weed.

2. Contact herbicides – Most effective at controlling annual weeds. They kill the weeds on contact, making it impossible for the plant to continue to receive essential nutrients for growth and germination.

3. Hand-pull weeds to remove them from your lawn and landscape

Pulling weeds from your garden – it’s one of the most tedious tasks you will take on all spring, but it also happens to be one of the most effective. Simply walking through your lawn and landscape and hand-pulling any weeds you see. Keep in mind, when you hand-pull the weeds, you have to ensure the roots get pulled as well or else the weed will be back in no time.

Waiting for a wet day can help as damp soil makes the weeds and their root systems easier to pull. If you pull the weed but miss the root, use a gardening tool to dig deep and remove the entirety of the weed as well.

4. Create a custom weed control program with a lawn care professional

No matter the time of year, status of the weeds, or the weather, one of the best ways to control those pesky springtime weeds is to call the experts in weed control at LawnMatters. Our weed prevention and control program destroys common weeds, right down to their roots.

If you’re looking to eliminate and prevent weeds from taking over this spring, contact us here or give us a call. Protect your lawn and landscape today!


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